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Clients Reviews – From Google & Facebook

“After an injury, I searched for healing type exercises. As soon as I met DonnaRose and after her class, I knew I had found my Teacher. Her absolute passion and her true belief in what she does has shown me that the Feldenkrais way was exactly what I needed.”

Kay E

“DonnaRose is an absolutely brilliant Feldenkrais Practitioner. Highly skilled and knowledgeable as well as showing great concern and care for her clients. Very highly recommend.”

Zangden L

“A different approach to thinking about movement, one that I’ve found to be extremely beneficial, as well as enlightening.”

Michael G

“DonnaRose is an excellent Practitioner and loves working with children with developmental delays. I can highly recommend her for refining movement skills in any field and pain relief!”

Madeline E

“I saw DonnaRose for chronic back and hip pain due to a skiing injury. After the first session, I was amazed by the relief she provided. I felt so light, and the pain had significantly reduced. DonnaRose has a gentle, caring nature, and I was amazed at the results after only a few sessions. DonnaRose taught me to have a much deeper awareness of my body and encouraged me to find alternative ways to move my body to manage my injury better.

I recently went back to see DonnaRose as I’m pregnant and thought I could benefit from some alignment and pelvic floor support. DonnaRose was extremely helpful and released a lot of tension in my lower back. I must say that Feldenkrais has changed my life! “

Mel S

“I joined this class after many years of martial arts, Pilates, yoga and barre. What a revelation! Feldenkrais is unlike any movement class I’ve done before, and I find myself incorporating it into my everyday life. With the Brain-Body Moves classes my body and mind are so much better. DonnaRose is a gentle, professional and knowledgeable teacher, and I look forward to the class every week. “

Shaunagh H

“For years, I suffered from chronic musculoskeletal problems, and nothing seemed to help and decrease my pain. I decided to try Feldenkrais and DonnaRose came highly recommended. For the last six months and twice a week, I have had a session with DonnaRose, and I definitely see a positive difference in everything I do.

I am relearning the use of my body from rigid and painful to smoother, less dense body movements. Now I am starting to see the “green light at the end of the tunnel!” I don’t hesitate to recommend DonnaRose to anyone willing to give Feldenkrais a go! “

Anna Z

“The Feldenkrais Method has had remarkable success in a range of chronic complaints ranging from the debilitating, such as cerebral palsy or paralysis, to the merely nagging, such as stiff necks, tension headaches or the blahs.”

Science Digest

“The gentle movements slowly improving my posture and making walking more enjoyable. I employ everything I’ve learned in the lessons on my daily walks and walk without pain. “

Bev Y

“I have been practicing yoga for 15-years and hold a Yoga Teachers’ Diploma. I have the lung condition emphysema with 25% lung capacity. I have been incorporating Feldenkrais in my daily yoga practice for the past two years. Since using the Feldenkrais method with DonnaRose for the past few years, I have found that my capacity to conserve energy and take care of my physical and emotional well-being has improved remarkably.

I attend weekly classes with DonnaRose and also follow a regime most days. This practice has enabled me to move my body with ease and think and understand how best to move without pain.

I am 68 years old this year and now quite confident that with the use of the Feldenkrais Method and my continuing regime, I will further learn and execute ways of keeping my mind and body in the best physical and mental condition possible. This subtle, gentle and profound work has enabled me to understand not only the miracle of the way my body moves, but now I can keep myself loose and flexible with the least amount of effort”

Helen S

“I am so grateful for DonnaRose’s knowledge and experience in helping me to recover from recent spine surgery.”

Sonya H

“I have several injuries, shoulder, hip and stiffness in the neck. I have tried mainstream Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Masseuses, all sorts of stretching and alternative therapies. I was surprised that with such small movements I was able to do them all and yet still get the best result for my injuries. Highly recommend. “

Maria P

“I went from having chronic pain from an old injury to being more aware of my everyday movements and being able to reduce this pain.
I have incorporated this into my other fitness and strength exercises to get an amazing outcome.”

Stephine H

“I have supported clients with special needs and supported their attendance to DonnaRose and Brain-Body Moves for around 15-years. DonnaRose has worked greatly on moving my clients around and improving these client’s movements outside of their wheelchairs to enhance their abilities and maintain their functional movement and flexibility.”

Veronica C

“I have learned with simple little movements to improve my mobility. My hip pain has reduced immensely.”

Adrian W

“I saw DonnaRose on a recommendation for pain and problems with coordination following a knee injury. I noticed improvements, including greater ease and more confidence with my walking and less pain. DonnaRose has a wonderful way of explaining the Feldenkrais Method and I can now incorporate it in everyday life.”

Maggie P

“I have had great success with DonnaRose and Feldenkrais. She somehow takes the pain away and makes me feel straighter.
I recommended this to a friend who has been suffering pain for
25-years. She finally went, and she experienced her first pain-free day in such a long time.
She is also now converted.

Pam J

“Working with DonnaRose in weekly Feldenkrais class has brought me a wonderful sense of wellbeing and awareness of the sacredness of my body. After years of stretching my muscles into all sorts of yoga positions, it has been an extraordinary discovery to visualise and to feel the inner workings of my skeleton.

This subtle, gentle and profound work has enabled me to understand not only the miracle of the way my body moves, but how I can keep myself loose and flexible with the least amount of effort.”

Catherine J Film-maker, Actor

“I am 80 years old and I love walking, but I do appreciate learning this new way of body awareness technique as shown by Donna Rose. I am finding that although my walking experiences have kept me in good health I can improve my range of movement in ways that I had never considered before. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to attend something that extends my range of activities. “

Anne T

“This method and practice is like no other and DonnaRose makes you feel calm, relaxed and like you can achieve anything and everything. I highly advise you give it a try.”

Alisha R

“I am still amazed how much that one morning has stayed with me. I ran again this morning and had the same experience of listening to my body and adjusting my movement for a pain-free run. Just brilliant!!! This should be taught in schools!”

RM Mather