Alternative to Physiotherapist, Chiropractor

or Massage for Pain & Injuries

Why Try Feldenkrais for Pain & Injuries vs. a Physiotherapist Chiropractor or Massage Therapist?

Using cutting edge strategies of Neuroplasticity to enhance movement that you can learn and do from home.

Pain can occur due to an injury, ageing, ergonomics or disability. Many Feldenkrais clients with pain and injuries have tried chiropractic and physiotherapy and found it painful or did not achieve their desired results. Feldenkrais exercises are gentle and can participate in person or through online courses that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Would you like to feel better? In the garden?
Walking or running? In any favourite sporting or moving activity?

The Feldenkrais Method® is a painless alternative to chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage. Feldenkrais addresses back pain, neck strain shoulder stress because it establishes new ways of moving that align the brain-body connection, also known as neuroplasticity.

Well-coordinated, fluid and easy body movements resolve muscular and joint friction, tension, stiffness, tightness and pain. Based on your ability level, you explore your body with awareness and support it to rehabilitate the area of pain.


As a result, you will learn new ways to move that don’t hurt as much. Rediscover the long lost fluidity, freedom, fun and flexibility you once had.

Feldenkrais ‘exercises’ improve your ability to do what you want in life. Whether it is a better posture in sitting or standing, balance, easing neck and back pain, improving your vision or developing a stronger sense of self-awareness, Feldenkrais can help.

Feldenkrais has Successfully helped with:

Chronic Pain
Managing Back or Neck Pain
Children with Developmental Delay or Neurological Difficulties
Neurological Rehabilitation (Stroke, MS, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy)
Stress and Wellbeing
Occupational Rehabilitation
Comfort during Pregnancy
Following Surgery or an Injury
Overuse Injuries eg RSI, Tennis Elbow
Management Sports
Recovery & Performance Injury
Prevention Performing - Musicians, Actors, Singers

Stress is one of the biggest health concerns in our world today 

Ongoing pain causes tension in the body, and activates your Sympathetic Nervous System, or your fight and flight response. This affects every aspect of your wellbeing. 

The Feldenkrais Method® supports your physical and emotional wellbeing and decreases stress in the body. Practicing Feldenkrais regularly activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, also known as your rest and digest system,

A valuable aspect of this method is that we explore learning strategies without placing demands on ourselves. If you have difficulty with one side, we work with the other side. If you can’t lie down, you can sit. If nothing wants to move, we work with exercises with your imagination, creating new brain-body neural links through awareness, patterns, holding and tension that can immediately reduce pain.

Feldenkrais empowers you and teaches you how to be at your best, improving your quality of life.

Would you like to feel more comfortable, have less pain, have better posture, greater ease in moving?

Are you interested in improving your balance, flexibility, quality of your breathing, and vitality for life?

Would you like to fully participate in the sports or activities you love – no matter what your age?

The method is not medicine, chiropractic, physio, massage, or yoga. Instead, it is a powerful, innovative and effective physical learning system. You learn to replace old redundant movement patterns (painful or ineffective) with newer, more useful ones. You will discover you can become more skillful and improve the quality of your life as you evolve and mature.

The Feldenkrais Method® stems from a simple reality: once you feel how your body moves, you can use the information to improve the action and create new ones.

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Client Review

I have had great success with DonnaRose and Feldenkrais.
She somehow takes the pain away and makes me feel straighter.
I recommended this to a friend who has been suffering pain for 25-years.
She finally went, and she experienced her first pain-free day in such a long time.
She is also now converted.”

Pam J

Gold Coast