Prevention and Recovery for Athletes & Performers

Using cutting edge Neuroplasticity

Accelerate Your Performance

Improve strength, efficiency and recovery.

Performers & Dancers

Feldenkrais prevents injuries by improving your agility, creating new neuro-pathways so you can move more efficiently.

Body Balance

Feldenkrais techniques are slow movements that increase your body awareness, improve your balance, centre yourself and take care of your body.

Better Breathing

Feldenkrais has powerful techniques that can increase your lung capacity and improve performance.

Peak Performance improve your body’s natural abilities and movement

Using cutting edge strategies of Neuroplasticity for strength to perform at your peak

The Feldenkrais Method® helps sporting athletes and performers to repair and strengthen their movements to prevent injuries, whether professional or aspiring.

Feldenkrais creates new neuro-pathways that enhance and optimise your body’s movement. It is a secret weapon, assisting in the accelerated repair and prevention of injury through controlled and efficient movements. Feldenkrais supports you to excel, reducing strain and improving all aspects of performance, so you can compete and perform at your best.

The Feldenkrais Method® is intentionally controlled and slow, allowing your brain and body connection to strengthen, creating the awareness of how to use your body safely and with greater efficiencies improving speed and performance. DonnaRose is a certified practitioner with over 35-years experience.

Sports Athletes and Performers who have achieved results with Feldenkrais:

  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Runners improve distance and speed
  • Cyclists
  • Surfers
  • Tennis Players
  • Golfers Swing
  • Cricket
  • Football/Rugby/AFL
  • Weight lifters state the weights seem lighter
  • Performing artists feel they can dance and perform all night

All sports and performers can benefit from Feldenkrais. Some of the high profile achievers and Feldenkrais advocates include Yehudi Menuhin, Martina Navratilova, Whoopi Goldberg, Pat Cash, Neil Young.

Client Review

“After years of stretching my muscles into all sorts of yoga positions, it has been an
extraordinary discovery to visualise and to feel the inner workings of my skeleton.

This subtle, gentle and profound work has enabled me to understand not only the miracle
of the way my body moves, but how I can keep myself loose and flexible with the least amount of effort.”

Catherine J

Film-maker, Actor, Gold Coast