Why The Feldenkrais Method®
with DonnaRose?

Alternative to a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or a Massage Improving injuries, movement, strength and skills

Suitable for all ages and abilities; without pain, strain, or injury.

Using the innovative science of Neuroplasticity to align your body and brain

Enliven new brain-body connections through creative and focused movement strategies.

Offering various programs in-person and online

  • 1:1 personal Sessions. Small weekly classes and workshops.

Highly Qualified and Certified Practitioner, with over 35-years experience

Feldenkrais and JKA have helped thousands of people around the world.

Helping Athletes, Dancers, and Performers to excel

Optimising your body’s movement so you can compete and perform at your best.

Supporting infants and babies with special needs to increase their abilities

Working with neurological, traumatic, physical and genetic challenges.

Accessing the brain’s natural ability for change, growth and improvement, including flexibility, posture and balance

Be grounded and present in your body, especially during emotionally or physically demanding times.

Want to change your health and wellbeing? Contact DonnaRose.

Call 0412 563 093 or email
hello@brain-bodymoves.com with your questions or to sign up for 1:1 sessions or group classes, in-person or online.

Client Review

The Feldenkrais Method has had remarkable success in a range of
chronic complaints ranging from the debilitating,
such as cerebral palsy or paralysis, to the merely nagging,
such as stiff necks, tension headaches or the blahs.

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